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Recruitment is a process through which an organization legally obtains its new employees through a step-by-step screening process. It is a major function of HR department. The company uses various methods to filter out candidates that suits its needs; for example qualification, skills, experience, etc. Recruitment affects a lot on the performance of an organization. Types of Recruitment:- (i)Internal recruitment- The process of recruiting people within an organization. It may include – (a)Personal recommendation from people within an organization. (b)Notice boards within an organization. (c)Meetings involving only the members of an organization and discussing the requirements or required employees. (d)Internal recruitment is relatively cheaper process but it may harm the sense of competition within the employees. (ii)External recruitment-The process of recruiting employees from outside the organization, depending on other sources. This may include- (a)Recruitment agencies (b)Advertisements (c)Job centers Recruitment Process:- Let us review the recruitment process in brief: 1) Detection and reporting of vacancy- The requirement for an employee arises in any department of an organization and is reported to the HR department. 2) Make a detailed note of all specifications-All the description about the job and what is expected of the employee is noted down. 3) Advertisement of vacancy-An advertisement is prepared and a number of methods may be adopted to reach the desired candidates, which may include- newspapers, employment agencies, recruitment web-sites etc. 4) Managing response from candidates-Strict deadlines should be issued regarding the deadline for submission of application by the candidates.

Terms and conditions of company should be clearly mentioned to the applicants. 5) Shortlisting of the candidates-The applicable candidates are shortlisted by recruitment panel based on the skills, qualification and some other criteria. 6) Interviewing of shortlisted candidates-The shortlisted candidates are called for interviews ; the schedule for which may or may not be predefined and the applicant may prepare for it in advance. 7) Selected candidates are shortlisted- The candidates selected for the job are shortlisted. 8) Training of selected candidates-A well schedule is planned for imparting training to selected candidates; thereafter they are allowed to proceed with their jobs. Recruitment Methods:- Let us now look at the various methods of recruitment: Recruitment agencies-A candidate may register with various recruitment agencies which in turn help the applicant finding a suitable job for him/her. They are also referred to as ‘Head-Hunters'. Job centers-The people in need of a job can register with these centers. They help the candidates in need of a job by contacting the organizations in need of employees and even advertising for the candidates. Advertisements-A candidate may advertise for his need for a job. The advertisement may be made on internet, newspaper or employment magazines; giving all the details about himself/herself. Personal Recommendation-An existing employee of an organization may recommend some specific candidate known to him for an existing vacancy. The positive point about this method of recruitment is that all the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate are known beforehand without even conducting a formal interview. Read about staffing solutions in Australia and recruitment in Australia .

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Recruitment- types, process and methods

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This article was published on 2011/07/15