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Recruitment is a process that cannot end rather a cyclic process. Employees keep on switching between organizations in search of growth, a better working environment and many other such reasons. But when an employee of an organization switches to some other organization, there are two organizations that has to go under the process of recruitment. Recruitment is process of hiring proper candidates for a designation in an organization where there is a need of one in exchange of a fixed wage and may be some allowances but mostly there are no such decided tenures. When an employee of an organization switches to some other there both he has joined and the one he has left has to under go the process of recruitment. One has to hire the same and the other has to fulfil the space left empty for its smooth functioning. 

Organizations must hire recruitment agencies for the purpose since they are specialized for the job and for sure, they can buy the best candidates. Mostly to save a small sum organizations avoid them and the responsibility is given to their HR (Human Resource) departments. HR department already works under so much burden of responsibility and then they are given this task as well which requires a careful observations and time in order to make the right decision.

It is always wise to hire recruitment agencies since they have their services dedicated towards the task and results are guaranteed. There is a common procedure that every recruitment agency follows in order to meet its set target of hiring the best candidates for a decided designation. When ever they are hired the very first thing they do is, they have a meeting with the top designated people of organization and then find out as to what all they need and negotiate up on the charges they are willing in exchange of their services. Then they make a call in the market regarding new job openings and interested and qualified candidates are invited through their resumes. When appropriate amount of resumes are collected, they are then short listed and the selected are called for interview where they judged as per their skills and qualifications mentioned. Once the interviews are commenced, the one who fits into their criteria is hired and the process ends.

There are many recruitment agencies in the market but recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is a recruitment agency that has been gaining much of importance because of the techniques they apply and changes they have done to the standard procedure. When ever they are hired for a new project of recruitment, they along with their negotiations carry out a proper research about the organization and conclude as to what they already have and what else do they require. Sometimes for the smooth functioning of the organization they may also also come up with new designations that can make smooth functioning of the organization. Once these initial stages of recruitment are done then they conduct a market research where the best suited qualifications available in the process are considered. Once their research is done they call for the interested and the best qualified are considered as per their qualifications and entries in form of resumes are invited. These resumes are then carefully short listed and it is made sure that no of the resumes with any fake qualifications are short listed that can destroy their reputation and the organization's output capability. The candidates of the short listed resumes are then invited for interview and the one who are able to qualify are called up on for interview. The candidate who is able to impress them is hired and their job finishes. There are many other such unique methods used by the company to get to know more about them, just log on to


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Recruitment Process Outsourcing-Happy the Staff Healthier is The Organization

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This article was published on 2011/10/07