Recruitment Process Outsourcing A Requirement Of Every Organization

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Economy of the world is at its top end, and organizations have to face really tough challenges in every sector of every industry and to come out as the best they need to perform better and better with every new project. Capability of any organization is judged by its output and these outputs are results of the efficiency of their staff therefore recruitment of the best is very important. Mostly organizations execute the process with the help of their Human Resource (HR) department. The HR department already works under so much pressure and then again they are asked to do this kind of job which can many times hinder their own part of responsibilities. Recruitment is a process that needs a good amount of time and has to be done very carefully so that every candidate is read properly and not so good and the better ones are differentiated to recruit the best out them all. 

There are many recruitment agencies in the market who specialize in this kind of profile and execute the process very well through standard procedures which the HR department cannot may be because of many reasons like they do not have the time to devote or they might have other tasks to perform that resists them. It is always wise to hire a recruitment agency for the need of recruitment as they are experts, they have contacts and above all they are rather cheap.

There is a standard procedure that is followed by every recruitment agency and it is quite affective. When ever a recruitment agency is hired for a new task, they have a sitting with the organization and decide as to what is needed. Once it is done and decided they make a call in the market regarding the new job openings and resumes of the interested are invited and accepted. After receiving a good number of resumes, the received resumes are then short-listed. After short-listing the candidates are called upon for the other rounds which may include an interview with the Head of Department where his skills are tested and again an interview with the HR where his demands are negotiated as per salary and other allowances. When a candidate is able to impress the Head of Department and prove his abilities and also accepts the offer from the HR he is then hired.

There are many recruitment agencies in market who follow the same procedure but the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a recruitment agency that does the same job but in a different style. When ever the agency is hired for a new task, follows the same procedure but in a different style. After a meeting with the organization or client, the very first thing that they do is they carry out a research about the concerned organization and also about its rivals and through the results they conclude as to what the organization have and what else do they need. Many times they have even suggested opening for a new designation, and it has proved to be very useful. Once the research is done and the client is informed about the conclusions they then call up on in the market regarding new job openings and resumes are invited along of the interested candidates, the best in the industry are called upon who may be working for some other organizations. The resumes are then short-listed. Short-listing is taken special care of because many times, to score upon the others many mention fake information that might not even be capable of and hence a good verification is done. The selected are then called upon for interview which the organization conducts, but to meet perfection, they do it on themselves and bring out the best.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing A Requirement Of Every Organization

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing A Requirement Of Every Organization

This article was published on 2011/10/13