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The readings entail career counseling with couples and families in addition with gender issues in career counseling. People are subjected to change in various ways when faced with stressful occurrence in their professional or personal lives. Some are unable to counter the challenges thus, becoming overwhelmed to an extent of loosing their demeanor. These individuals may experience difficulties with sleep, attention and coping with their contemporary careers, hence, low morale and work output. Counselors are purported to be the best advisors in such situations to aid clients resolve their distress. As the number of dual-career partners’ increase tremendously relative to traditional ways, there is a paradigm shift on counseling approaches (Bandura, 1995). Counseling has been prolonged to integrate work and family life for both sexes to render it complete. This topic seeks to delve on two case studies of Maria and Richard and enable student have deeper understanding of self-efficacy.

An individual conviction to execute a feasible action in particular circumstances is known as self-efficacy. This personal power to act determines how a person behaves, feel and think. The level of self-efficacy in an individual spells out approaches to be taken to accomplish goals, challenges and tasks. People with strong belief to tackle challenges, love and are interested with the activities they undertake. Incase of draw backs and disillusionments they recover fast and get dedicated to their interests and dealings. While person with feeble sense of self-efficacy are pessimistic, they fear undertaking exigent problems and hastily lose courage to perform. Self-efficacy is perpetual process originating from early childhood experiences, encountered situations and tasks. There are four commonly known sources of self-efficacy, which are; one the mastery experiences-that states that an excellent work strengthen performing power while slipshod one weaken our beliefs. Second, the Social modeling that boost one’s self-efficacy from witnessing other individuals executing their duties lucratively. Third, the social persuasion that includes encouragement shown to you by others. Finally, the Psychological responses-these are our reactions guided by our ability to control moods, stress and emotional states (Hackett & Betz, 1981).

Both Maria’s and Richard’s cases show presences of weakness in their self-efficacy. Maria is in a dilemma to either enroll in a four year degree or concentrate on family, whilst Richard belief that he has heart attack as well as dull and unchallenging job. From a clear perspective both portrays dissatisfaction in their working status quo. Albeit their similar low self-efficacy, there is a variation in their cognitive behaviors. Richard case reveals that despite having coherent marriage, he fears heart attack extremely that he has made three trips to emergency department to ascertain his phobia. Maria on the side is enslaved by her Latino culture that holds family matters in high regard relative to women education (Swanson & Woitke, 1997). She is entitled to two daily cores: formal work and taking care of her ill brother. Latino culture seems to be biased against women progress in education as Maria’s working brother is seldom at home to aid in household cores when he is off work.

To lead Richard and Maria successfully out of this scenario, a professional counselor needs to handle each case differently. Richard case calls for cognitive behavioral therapy as the counselor will aim at discovering the speculative thinking that is causing distress. There is also dire need to intervene Richard’s behavior in order to overcome maladaptive and heart attack cognitions. Making him to be aware that what he thinks determines his feeling. Richard should be encourage to commence a woodworking business and partner with his wife In Maria’s case she should be assisted to make solid decisions without compromising her values. She should formulate a work plan to integrate studies in her daily cores. She can be aided on how to talk with her family about her aspirations so that the family can give a hand in some cores.

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Readings of Career Counselling

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Readings of Career Counselling

This article was published on 2012/03/23